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Case History - The Prosecco Brand, The Largest Exporter in the United States

The largest exporter of Prosecco to the United States. And if Prosecco is the best-selling wine in our land, this business card is enough to understand the volumes and turnover that The Brand is able to spawn in the country of stars and stripes.
A case of success analyzed by Civinization in his travels to the States to understand what are the actions and strategies that can be emulated to pursue his objectives in the field of wine sales. We analyze one element at a time by vivisecting the product, communication, philosophy and strategies implemented.
How did La Marca manage to become the best-selling prosecco in the USA, and the first monoreference in the world?

A more than legitimate and spontaneous question if the intent is to incorporate the best of what has been done and apply it to your business.
According to our analysis, it is clear that it was designed a lot of structural work to create a flawless product, spot on from a qualitative and technical point of view. Let's talk about technical aspects that can then be found in tasting or to put it more simply by consuming the wine:
pressure and dissolved CO2, residual sugar, aroma and typicality. All this, together with the already wide notoriety of overseas bubbles, has been emphasized and made elegant and appealing to the eye with a studied and cared for packaging.

The choice of the target deserves a brief analysis. Here too the upstream study emerges that led toidentification of the target for the representation, the embodiment of the product and the communication in youthful, fresh characters and in carefree, convivial and party-going attitudes. Much emphasis has been placed on the female character to convey lightness and elegance. Here, too, a modern, not obvious choice that opens up to further consideration.
Usually the tendency is to communicate the Italianness, the historicity and the territory.
But La Marca, freeing itself from the abused “so fan all” that is undertaken when there is a lack of vision and far-sightedness, has opted to communicate a lot of lifestyle declined to women, rather than settle on the classic made in Italy. An apt choice that has allowed us to leverage internationally recognized Italian feminine elegance. It is also easy to note that all this is conveyed by a well-kept Instagram account, attractive to the eye, with a feed played around a few well-matched colors, where each image is never casual or improvised but always studied and curated. This results in a instagram profile of more than 24 thousand organic followers for a followers / following ratio that stands at 18 points in favor of the first.

Few frills, a lot of concreteness. Prosecco declined in only three products: Prosecco, Prosecco Rosé And Luminor.
Here too the motivation is to be found not in the lack of resources or imagination but in the channeling of the concept and efforts on a single product in which to best focus resources and attention, rather than embracing the usual Italian strategy by offering a wide range of products that disperse energy and focus.

The Packaging
The two Prosecco are characterized by a celestial label, almost Tiffany. A color that can be easily and famously associated with the chabby chic style and the modern minimal with a very fine and elegant reference to the belle époque in gold foil. The graphics of the three wines are not unrelated to each other but well matched and coordinated.
The differentiation was carried out only to make Prosecco Luminore perceive as a branch of the highest level, elevating it from a graphic and aesthetic point of view. The Prosecco rosé is also very elegant and reasoned with a transparent bottle that highlights its color and plays on the pleasant combination of a light Tiffany and the peach of wine. Paper with a heavier weight and an embossed texture. Silver and pearly capsule. A beautiful product to see even before being uncorked and tasted.

Distribution and Marketing - Pos and Pot
From what we have verified in the various trips, La Marca is present on all channels, from catering to the smallest authorized points of sale.
The promotion in addition to the classic materials point of sale within the points of sale it generally relies heavily on online sales, while within supermarkets it pushes the institutional physical presence to propose the tasting and set up the point of take, which are nothing more than shaped structures made up of product packages to have visibility and a preferential position, naturally established by specific sales, positioning and leasing contracts.

We have already talked about the study of wine market trends and marketing strategies to increase wine sales that we have analyzed: the customization of the product or labels, which is well done by La Marca with a view to the online communication strategy.

An operation that has already had an excellent response, with tens of thousands of bottles attested to customized and sold pieces.
Once again, the La Marca case, as well as others who have made a fortune in foreign markets, teaches us that a reasoned analysis made use of the marketing and communication specialists in the wine and oenological field leads to an easier achievement of the objective and to wider horizons. With this analysis we wanted to make our know-how available to Italian winemakers to help them analyze and put into practice actions that can prove to be winning for their wine business.

Civinization is available at the service of small and medium-sized winemakers to structure their marketing and communication.