A collection of questions and answers that are often asked of us by our customers.

E & #039; Is it possible to create a label and its design online?

Our mission is to create something unique by meeting your needs and expectations without choosing between preset labels.

Can I support your team for the exact wording of my back label?

Our team is constantly updated on the various specifications of the various consortia with their respective rules and in contact with the fraud repressions of European and non-EU countries to obtain approvals in a very short time.

Can I ask you for the dry materials of the bottle and the label? What if I want a particular card?

Our team usually develops projects for cellars from scratch, from the choice of bottles, corks or screw caps to the type of cardboard for packaging. In the case of adhesive paper for bottle labels or necklaces but also for the rest of the materials, we discuss with the cellar to understand the budget for the various materials, after which we identify together with the suppliers the best yield and the quality / price ratio depending on of the effects and the final texture of the bottle, some real novelties not yet used by competitors.

What limits are there in customization?

In the winemaking world, all materials are customizable, it all depends on the budget allocated to each of them. We can say that almost nothing is impossible, you just need to want it! " From the shape of the exclusive bottle to the design of the label and its effects.

Do you have a network of suppliers for materials since I don't know any? From the supply of the bottles, that of the cartons to the printing of the labels?

Of course, for each material we have at least 3 suppliers, after creating the executives it is our custom to present at least 3 offers to you in order to evaluate which one best meets your expectations.

Can you provide a turnkey project?

It is the thing we like best, a turnkey project means impressing one's ideas and skills in every aspect of the project, accompanied by an assumption of responsibility on the final result. You put the grapes and the contents of the bottle and we'll take care of the rest.

If I don't know what to put on the label and how to tell my company, can you help me?

In describing your company, our copywriters and wine designers come into action who, listening to your story, mission, ethics and your philosophy, tell them with words and images suitable for the site, social networks and company profile / company brochures in the required languages.

I received a request from a foreign country, can you help me with the documentation and approval of the labels for that country?

Your concern must be to think about making wine, about everything else - such as documentation for foreign countries and certifications for exports - we will take care of it, with decades of experience in exporting to the whole world.

I would like to make a small batch of personalized bottles with a personalized label for an event or anniversary can you help me?

We have an internal division that takes care of just this, a few personalized labels without making exaggerated production runs and at a low cost.

I would like to make an original label.

Our mission is: each of our customers is satisfied with their original label because they represent it.

What are the sought-after labels and the most beautiful labels?

Originality and beauty in labels are sometimes relative aspects, first we understand what is beautiful in your opinion.

What are elegant labels?

Elegance is an aspect that we care about, the combination of colors, the choice of finishes combined with the colors, the choice of materials, all aspects that together make up the concept of elegance for us. 

What details can the label or company brochure have?

The details and finishes that we can use are many, from the choice of paper, through the graphic setting, to the use of foils, glossy paints and suitable colors.

I would like to make a restyling of the company brochure, can you help me in terms of content and style?

Of course, after an analysis of what the company has done so far in terms of marketing, we decide together how we want to look from here on out, how to present ourselves and how to communicate about ourselves, our cellar and our wine.

I don't know what the exact dimensions of the label are for the bottle and its placement

We are constantly in contact with the major players in the distribution and production of bottles from which we find the technical data sheet of the chosen model to study the dimensions and positioning of the label, so that during the bottling phase everything runs smoothly!

I don't know where to start to create my e-commerce site

Our web-agency division specialized in wine e-commerce sites for wineries will provide every solution to the most diverse needs.

I would like to make an exclusive bottle with my logo imprinted on the glass.

The bottle with its own emblem or logo in bas-relief certainly helps to be original. We contact the manufacturer and find the solution! 

I would like the packaging to be as sustainable as the company

There are now many suppliers on the market that use Green materials, from cardboard to eco-sustainable ink to the cap and recycled adhesive paper.

You can help me in drafting a marketing and communication plan

We have a division within our team that deals with this and they will find together with you the communication strategy that best represents you.

I should present a new wine to the press as I can do

It is one of the most important things, to leverage the media through the press and journalists, we decide the scope of the event, the budget and the venue and present your product.

I would like to create both a b2b and b2c event, can I ask you?

Creating an event is always very exciting, first of all let's understand together how and the final user to whom it is addressed.

I have to make commercial material in multilingual can you help me?

We have elements within our team who speak many languages, we understand your needs and the markets you are targeting together so as to shape everything.

I don't have a company social profile of the winery, and I don't know how to manage it, can you teach me?

Our social media managers will give you the right advice on how to manage social media, and create the right material. If you don't have the time and skills, we'll do it for you. Social cellar management.

I should update the technical data sheets and the photos of the bottles

The data sheets in many environments are your business card in addition to your bottle of wine. It is important to decide on the right format, the quality of the photos of the bottle, the language of the final customer to whom they are addressed and above all the right language with which you communicate. Our skills allow us to put all this into action

I see from your site that you don't deal with products like oil and liqueurs.

On our site we are unable to put everything we have done and do on a daily basis. In our repertoire there is no lack of experience in the world of food and beverage alternative to wine, such as extra virgin olive oil, spirits, liqueurs and soft drinks.


Are the photos of the cellar and of the people obsolete, do you take them?

In our team we have elements that deal with graphics, photography and design. We can do them ourselves, or select an external professional available for photos and videos of your cellar.

I would like to have a corporate video that tells who we are

The company video of your winery is certainly an emotion to be transmitted, and perhaps the best means besides wine, with our team or external collaborator we will find the right solution.

I would like to have an overview of my competitors in Italy and in the world to understand if my price positioning is correct and if I communicate in the right way who we are.

We interact every day with various contacts around the world, from the United States to China and for us this is a fundamental aspect in knowing how to position your brand and your products in the wine market.

I'm not selling enough wine, what can I do?

It is a problem but we like challenges, starting with a deep analysis and evaluating together the path to follow.

The problem is not sales but I would like to be in more markets, what can I do?

Our experts will give the right advice, we are not agents nor wine brokers, but we are lucky enough to have good experience in the sector behind us.