What do we do

Together we build your image and identity by strengthening its quality, so that the market is looking for you and not vice versa.

Our experience allows us to offer you unique solutions to ensure that your projects translate exactly into what you have imagined.

Our mission is to make your reality become one case history of wine success.

Where you are not present, there may be someone else.
For this Civinization helps you to develop a strong identity and online and offline presence in each target market with a constant study of trends.

However, only by analyzing the numbers in detail, you can understand if it is a valid trend to ride or a fashion that can only make you spend money.

For this reason in Civinization we offer only studied strategies that can increase the reputation and the value of your brand.

The pandemic has taken away all possibilities and opportunities. However, when these appear, the cellars they cannot be caught unprepared.
Civinization develops your identity and recognizability to be traceable and credible when the customer searches.


The first step to take together is the analysis of your needs in relation to wine market of reference. It's full of potential customers out there.
But to reach them effectively you need someone who knows how to work alongside you with the management of right tools.

With over 10 years of experience in close contact with national and international distribution companies, we have acquired an excellent knowledge of the market and its most hidden opportunities.

We will develop concrete strategies through specific tools:

  • Brand analysis
  • Analysis of competitors and the wine market
  • Strategy for local and international markets
  • Consumer target strategy
  • Identification of new opportunities
  • Provision of operational tools
marketing per aziende vinicole


We study the territory and the positioning in the market to create new brands or increase the value of existing ones by studying new dissemination opportunities, distribution and positioning.

Strategic planning is supported by our creativity, innovation and design to conceive the visual identity, the logo and the guidelines to follow in all elements of communication.

Our services include:

  • Study of the values perceived by the customer
  • Brand design
  • Project development, consistent with the customer's identity
  • Writing of texts for brochures, websites and social networks
  • Photo and video shooting
  • Layout of catalogs and promotional material


Whatever the need - a new project or a restyling - we develop packaging solutions with creativity and innovation. An unreasonable graphic design can make the consumer's eyes rest on another bottle. But a studied label can make him reach out for your wine!

To create a strong identity, no detail of the packaging can be overlooked. More value, more loyalty, more sales.

We deal with:

  • Choice of the bottle in cooperation with the most specialized glassworks
  • Design of the labels of the single product or of the complete line
  • Search for high quality capsules and corks
  • Packaging design for shipping
  • Creation of cases, gift sets and special editions


The presence in the digital world it is the business card with which you communicate who you are and what you propose. Nowadays getting caught unprepared when the customer seeks it is no longer admissible.

Thanks to our experience we optimize your presence where potential customers search on the web and we monitor the results to have a long-term vision.

Our services include:

  • Creation of websites and e-commerce
  • Database integration
  • Search engine optimization
  • Technical consultancy
  • Social strategy and management
  • Relations with bloggers
  • Participation in competitions