le etichette dei vini di Tenuta La Presa

Enhance your wines through the label. Here is what has been done for Tenuta La Presa

Tenuta La Presa teaches how to ennoble their wines without having to upset the packaging but relying on professionals able to study the state of the art, identify the reference values of the cellar as well as those perceived by the consumer, and give life to a new ennobling graphic design. thanks to the dialogue with the best suppliers of technical materials in the sector.

When restyling the labels and the image of Tenuta La Presa, Civinization has carried out a profound work of analysis, comparison with the market and with suppliers of technical materials, in order to achieve the maximum result in terms of elegance and quality.

le etichette dei vini di tenuta la presa e la loro realizzazione

The client's desire was to obtain alabel ben riconoscibile che potesse sposare i concetti di famiglia storicamente impegnata nel settore vinicolo, eleganza e semplicità.

Abbiamo pertanto mantenuto il logo storico e impiegato un font pulito, con delle grazie presenti ma minimali, affinché rappresentasse la famiglia e la sua storicità.

la nuova etichetta di Tenuta La Presa

However, a reorganization of the legislative elements present on the label (name and type) was carried out. Previously thelabel it presented itself with unclear lines, fonts, designs and wine names. The name of the line emerged predominantly rather than that of the logo or the type of wine, an element that confused the consumer.

The colors that differentiated the types of wine were different only in the capsule (bright pastel color) but not in the graphics inside the label. Therefore, the colors between label and capsule were standardized thanks to our partner suppliers of heat shrink capsules.

For the press we have relied on Valpollicella graphics, while for the paper the choice fell on a cottony Fasson characterized by a marked porosity capable of transmitting sensations of quality and importance to touch and sight.

We therefore decided to focus on colors a full pantone, sometimes lit and recognizable on the shelf as in the case of Bardolino. While an elegant white was chosen to enhance the Bardolino Chiaretto through the combination of rose wine. 

La forma dell’etichetta è stata pensata perché fosse sagomata da una fustellatura che la dividesse in due elementi: quella superiore dedicata al brand mentre quella inferiore dedicata alla valorizzazione della tipologia e della denominazione, mediante anche una texture in braille paint to obtain the relief of the writings.

In quella superiore invece abbiamo voluto, per ogni differente pantone, abbinare una colorazione di Kurz foil different.

Tenuta La Presa has been marked with a relief punch to further enhance the foil and make it texturized, while in the logo symbol, in addition to the print of the bottom and the hot foil, a micro-engraving punch has been affixed, in order to make every detail of the logo three-dimensional.